Terms and Conditions–

The domain name www.huntmejob.in (hereinafter referred as Website) is owned by Sajawalpur Private Limited, a private limited company registered under the Companies Act, 1956. It has its registered office at Mahaveer Nagar, Abohar, Pin Code: - 152116, Punjab.

Your use of this website will come under the realm of Terms and Conditions of this website and will be governed by it accordingly. By mere using of this website, you will be bound by the contract of Sajawalpur Private Limited and shall be governed as such.

For the purpose of these Terms of Use, here “You” or “User” shall denote the meaning of any legal person who has agreed to become a user of this Website by providing every necessary data as required while registering. Without registration, you shall not be able to access this particular website. And here, “We”, “Our”, “Us” shall denote the Sajawalpur Private Limited Company.

When you use our website including the services we provide, you are hereby subject to the rules and regulations of huntmejob.in, and you shall be considered as to incorporate with the terms and conditions of this Website. However, we can make any changes to our rules and regulation without giving any prior notification to you. It is solely your responsibility to review the terms and conditions of this website from time to time. And if you continue using our website, it will imply that you accept or agree our revision of rules. As long as you comply with these terms and regulation, you have every authority to use this website for your own good.


Whether you agree expressly or impliedly with the terms and regulations of this website, nonetheless, you will be bound by the policies of huntmejob.in as amended from time to time.

For further details of our terms and conditions, please read the following points carefully–


You can only use this website if you are legally competent to do so. And by legally competent, we meant, eligible according to the Indian Contact Act, 1872. Persons who are legally incompetent, i.e. lunatics, minors, insane persons, will not be the eligible person to use this website. You must be above the age of 18 for using the site huntmejob.in. If you are a minor, you cannot legally use this Website. And if you wish to do so, you have to do it under the governance of any legal guardian or parents. huntmejob.in has every right to terminate the contract of using the website if we find that you are under the age of 18 or lunatic or insane person i.e. who are not legally competent to sign any contract.

Obligations regarding your account and registration–

While you are using our website, it is solely your responsible for protecting the confidentiality of your identity, password or other personal information. If we find out any information on your profile which is untrue, inaccurate, offensive, incomplete or if we have reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, offensive, incomplete or not in accordance with the terms and conditions of this website, we shall have the sole discretionary power to terminate your registration or block you permanently from using huntmejob.in. Such act on behalf of you can initiate any violation of the law against huntmejob.in Private Limited Company not limited to criminal liability. Also, by agreeing with these regulations, users, who are at risk to violate the law, shall indemnify Sajawalpur Private Limited any monetary loss incurred by the act of the user.


By agreeing to these rules and regulation, you hereby accept the fact that, when you use any website or send emails or provide other data, information to us, we can also contact you via the same electronic device without any objections as and when required.

Transaction and Communication–

huntmejob.in is a platform which is for the benefit of the users. Every user can use the services provided by huntmejob.in. But Huntmejob cannot be made a party to any contract between two users or cannot be controlled by any means for the purpose of any transactions between any users.

Obligation on the part of the user–

According to the terms and conditions of this Website, every user of huntmejob.in shall be subjected to certain obligations, the violation of which will end up in a legal matter. The obligations are as follows–

  • The users are obliged to provide every necessary license and documents to huntmejob.in for posting any job or applying for the same.
  • It is the duty of the user to get any other license, document or approvals of any intellectual property for using the service. It is not the responsibility of huntmejob.in, and we shall not provide any cost for such actions.
  • The user shall comply with the terms and conditions of huntmejob.in from time to time.
  • The users will be responsible for paying any tax or other service charges if necessary.
  • The users are obliged not to spam huntmejob.in or forward our mail unnecessarily which will stand as spam. It will cause the permanent termination of their contract from the Website.
  • The user is not supposed to upload any photos, documents or other things which are unlawful or pose as threatening for the greater good.
  • The users shall not make huntmejob.in responsible for the discloser of any personal information of them.
  • The users shall be obliged to indemnify huntmejob.in if any acts of the user pose any violation of law or as monetary loss.
  • The users governed under these terms, and conditions shall not assign or transfer these obligations to another person without notifying huntmejob.in.
  • The service by huntmejob.in shall not be used by the users for any acts of criminal nature.
  • The users are obliged not to send any messages using this service which is moral, religiously or legally offensive to another person. And in the occurrence of such incident, huntmejob.in shall not take any responsibility on behalf of the user.
  • Prohibited actions–

    By reading these terms and conditions, you hereby agree that you shall not post, upload, host, publish, modify or share any data or information which–

  • Is another person’s property.
  • Is harmful, offensive, inaccurate, pornographic, paedophilic or invasive of another’s privacy or unlawful in any manner.
  • Harm children and minors in any way.
  • Stand as an infringement of other’s intellectual property.
  • Violates any law for the time being in force and it can be of criminal nature.
  • Impersonate other persons.
  • Contain any software which spread viruses or any other codes which can destroy the data on our Website.
  • Violate the provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2011.
  • Shall not be false or misleading.
  • Shall not create any liability for huntmejob.in.
  • Rights of huntmejob.in–

    In case of above-mentioned violation or breach of rules and regulations, huntmejob.in has every right to–

  • Delete such user permanently from the Website.
  • Terminate the contract temporarily and send him a show cause.
  • Delete each and every such document which is spam, contains virus or spreads hate, etc.
  • Restrict every such user who violates the law of intellectual property.
  • Restrict every such person from the Website who has infringed any provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2011.
  • Applicable Law–

    Terms and Conditions shall be regulated and interpreted by the laws of India. And the place of such jurisdiction will be in Punjab where the headquarter of huntmejob.in resides.

    Consent to use data–

    While registering to our Website, huntmejob.in, you hereby agree that we can use your personal information such as your IP address, etc. And store it immediately in our database. And your personal information may include, you name, residential or official address, age, sex, occupation, interests, billing and financial information, etc. We can also collect some demographic information such as required for any legal matter.

    You hereby agree to the fact that, a you social networking profile which has been linked to the profile of huntmejob.in, shall be accessed by the recruiters and other third parties as well.

    And you hereby agree that we can use your information collected in any manner whatsoever required by us. Make sure you do not share any sensitive or extremely personal information with huntmejob.in.

    Howsoever, you always hold the right to–

  • End the license of using such information by deleting such data from the Website.
  • To decline the use of such data. You will have the exclusive right to your information and data, and you will always have the choice to terminate it whenever you want to.
  • Contents posted on site–

    Every content, photo, document, manuscript posted on our site, is a third-party generated content and huntmejob.in will not be responsible for it.

    However, every such content, photo, document posted on the Website will be our property by default, and no express consent will not be required for that. If you wish to delete such things or want us to stop using that, you have to contact us privately by express communication.


    Maintaining every user’s privacy is our dearest duty. We, huntmejob.in, store your each and every sensitive, personal and financial information (as mentioned under the Information Technology Act, 2011) with care and security. And if you feel that your personal information has been misused by some third party in this website, we will take every step to prevent such act in future.

    Compliance with Law–

    Every user shall comply with every applicable law in the territory of India (Including limitation Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999). And for such non-compliance, huntmejob.in shall take necessary steps.

    Trademark, Copyright and restriction–

    This website is wholly controlled by huntmejob.in. All contents, documents, videos on this site are duly protected under the law of intellectual property right. And the use of such data should be wholly for non-commercial purposes. And if you use such content, document, photo, video or any such other material thing without the prior written consent of the owner or prior consent of huntmejob.in, you will be charged under the law of Copyright for infringement of intellectual property rights. Any use for which you receive remuneration or anything in money form is a commercial use.

    Trademark complaint–

    huntmejob.in respects everyone’s right to copyright and intellectual property. So if you feel violated, feel free to write to huntmejob.in.com or info@huntmejob.in.com

    Buyer’s arrangement with issuing bank–

    All valid debit, credit or cash cards are issued using a credit card payment gateway or other appropriate payment infrastructure.

    Email Abuse and threats–

    Any personal communications made over chats, emails, phone or videos, is not regulated or controlled by huntmejob.in. So hereby we request all the recruiters and candidates to be polite and professional while you are communicating.

    However, in the case of unwanted emails or offensive messages, huntmejob.in will take appropriate steps. huntmejob.in strictly prohibits any physical or mental threat via phone, email or personal messages, because that will give effect to the following situations–

  • Limit account privileges
  • Account suspension
  • Cancellation of account
  • Loss of special status
  • Whatsoever, for these actions, huntmejob.in is not liable. Every action caused by the third party will be the sole responsible for the particular third party, and huntmejob.in will not be responsible for their actions.

    Limitation of liability–

    In no event shall huntmejob.in be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind in connection with these terms of use, even if the user has been informed in advance of the possibility of such damages.

    Contact Us–

    Please contact us for any questions or queries related to this Website.


    Corporate Office: - Mahaveer Nagar, Abohar, Pin code: - 152116,Punjab

    Email: info@huntmejob.in

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